The TRUTH about the SAG/AFTRA 2000 Commercial Strike

sagaftra 2000 strike

Here they go again.

In an attempt to win this election, Unite For Strength (UFS) has trotted out one of their time-worn whoppers - that MembershipFirst (MF) was responsible for the joint 2000 SAG-AFTRA Commercial Strike.

So, to set the record straight - again - with the TRUTH - there was no MembershipFirst back then. It was Performer's Alliance (PA).

And of the twenty-six members of the Commercial Negotiating Committee, only seven were a part of PA. The remaining nineteen were affiliated with (Your Political Party Name Here). Not even close to being a PA majority.

But it doesn't matter which political party was in control of the negotiations - or the Board rooms of SAG and AFTRA - because the votes AND the actions taken during the Commercial Strike of 2000 were UNANIMOUS.


Twenty-six members of the Commercial Negotiating Committee - 13 AFTRA, 13 SAG. Co-chaired by AFTRA's President Shelby Scott, and SAG's David Jolliffe, every decision made on your behalf was unanimous.


The decision to go on strike - to get a better deal for you - UNANIMOUS.

The decision to stay on strike - to rally both unions in a show of unified solidarity - UNANIMOUS.

The decision to end the strike - when the Commercial Producers realized there was no other way but to negotiate in good faith - UNANIMOUS.

And the approval by both National Boards of SAG and AFTRA to accept the 2000 Commercial Package - terms that are still in force today - by a combined vote of 220-0 - UNANIMOUS.

And the lie perpetrated by UFS that MF was responsible for the 2000 Commercial Strike?


And if UFS is willing to tell you that campaign lie, what else are they willing to lie about in order to win this election?

You may not always agree with MembershipFirst - but we believe in facts - and we believe in the truth - and we will never intentionally lie or mislead you.

And we will always fight for you - whether it's against Management - or the current leadership of UFS - because you're the member - and because we always want what's best for you.

That's why we're MembershipFirst.

And that's a fact.


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