Donna Russo steps into two new roles

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Donna Russo

stars in "Donna On The Go" - a Web Series designed to raise awareness for people with challenges. "Donna On The Go" is a light hearted look at some of them.

by Donna Russo

Now celebrating my twentieth year as a professional union actor, I am excited to announce that I have been appointed to serve on two SAG-AFTRA committees - the Women's Committee and the Stand-In Rehearsal Actors Committee. To be able to represent my fellow actors - and address issues they may face throughout their careers - is the honor of a professional lifetime.

Since 1988, I have worked as an actor, dancer, stunt performer and stand-in. At 4 feet 5 inches tall, I have performed as aliens, elves, dolls, cartoon characters and monsters - and have worked as a stand-in rehearsal actor, primarily for children. As a stand-in, I am acutely aware how important and multi-faceted our contributions are to the principal performers, the cinematographer and the director - whether it's stepping in for an actor who's not available or providing blocking notes or off-camera dialogue when it's appropriate to do so.

My short stature has always proven pivotal in the specialty roles that have crossed my path. Now, as a Performer With Disability - having been diagnosed with both FSH Muscular Dystrophy and Turner Syndrome - it is important for me to be a voice not only for women and stand-ins in our industry - but for other Performers With Disabilities as well; and to create an environment for the greater awareness of opportunity for all the members of SAG-AFTRA.

I look forward to making a difference.

Thank you,

Donna Russo

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