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It’s a Sad Day For the SAG-AFTRA Family

We at MembershipFirst send our condolences to David White, daughter Sophia and the entire White and Wantanabe families on the passing of Susan Wantanabe White.

In Susan Wantanabe White's honor, MembershipFirst has made a donation to Susan’s Circle, a foundation established in her name and housed within the Liberty Hill Foundation.

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The way an AFTRA Retirement participant accrues a pension was changed 10 to 15 years ago… From a percentage of EARNINGS to a percentage of the Employer Contribution.

In the last TV/Theatrical Agreement, a new thing happened.

This is where a percentage of a wage increase is moved over from going into the Member’s pocket, to becoming an increased employer contribution. That’s not unusual.

What IS unusual is. . .  The increase in the AFTRA Retirement Contribution is now not realized by the individual participant. Their wage increase is invaded  to increase the contribution, but the participant doesn't get the Retirement increase. It’s given straight to the Plan.

The SAG Pension Plan accrues differently.

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From Child Actor to Hollywood Board Member

 by Peggy Lane O'Rourke

I was a ten-year-old actor when I earned my SAG card doing commercials in Chicago.  .  SAG was my parent union. I joined AFTRA and Actors Equity soon after. If you had told me then I would be a Hollywood Board member alongside union activists like Ed Asner, Martin Sheen and Frances Fisher, I never would have believed you. Yet, here I am, all these years later, serving on five union committees, and even writing a blog. 

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