MembershipFirst Platform


There are over 450 scripted television programs - yet it’s harder than ever for working actors to make a living or get pension and health credits... Because the contracts haven't kept up with the marketplace.

We want better contracts with meaningful increases.

  • New Media: Lower budgeted non-major studio new media is still freely bargained and residual free.

  • Meaningful increases in decades-old residual formulas, especially made for basic cable and pay cable (Showtime, HBO, etc.) These formulas have been abandoned by our current leadership

We want our current contracts enforced

  • No more per diem, travel and overtime violations

  • We do not support the new travel provisions. It’s a huge give-away that obliterates decades long negotiated travel provisions that benefited performers.

We want to have member approval of all performer contracts

  • No more contracts approved by the Board without a vote from the affected group of members.

We want contracts for EVERYONE 

  • No groups ignored or “thrown under the bus” during negotiations

  • No “union free” zones

We want transparency – no more spin and sales jobs - from our union leadership.  

  • Transparency and accountability from our elected leaders and paid staff

  • Minority reports in all contested referenda

We want Trustees who will protect our pensions and health plan.

  • Appoint Trustees who understand and appreciate that the actions they take have very serious affects on peoples lives. The actions the current trustees have taken lately show a complete lack of understanding. Let alone compassion. Allowing the union's staff to have a better pension than it's members is a prime example of how bad our current trustees are.

  • Equitable representation of membership on the Boards and on the boards of Trustees

  • Honor the agreements made with senior participants

Above all we want our union to actually be governed by the membership. Not board members who accede to every staff whim and want.