Dear MembershipFirst Supporters:

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Election Day is here. And no matter what the outcome, no matter how the membership decides - we are all winners. Within the election noise, where the message gets muddied and the details get distracted, we come back to what’s most important – you.

As unionists.

We come back to what’s most important – the membership.

As brothers and sisters.

We come back to what’s most important – solidarity, in the face of apathetic odds, where the work continues anew, where we recommit to doing what’s right, what’s fair, what makes the most common professional sense for all of us.


We come back to what’s most important to MembershipFirst – artists united in transparency for all the members to see, who believe in the collective power of having each other’s backs; for in the work we find what matters, in each other we find our truth.

And no matter what the election’s outcome, we can’t thank you enough – for joining us on this journey, for your day-to-day diligence and unwavering support, for your stick-to-it steadfastness and generosity of time, donations and spirit; for believing that the union can make a difference - and that what we do, as unionists, does make a difference – for all of us.

Whatever the outcome, stay focused, remain committed – for the work to form a more perfect union continues.

In Solidarity,

Matthew Modine

Jodi Long